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Our Partners

GWW Charitable works and housing GmbH

GWW is a recognized workshop for people with disabilities and is one of the major employers in the Uecker-Randow region with over 700 employees, both with and without disabilities. In addition to workshops for people with disabilities (sheltered workshops) GWW provides apartments, integrative care and early intervention.

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DRC Kreisverband Rügen e.V.

The DRC Kreisverband Rügen eV operates social services, six nursing homes and rescue stations, kindergartens, institutions for the disabled, a school and a workshop for disabled people. In the workshops Rügener currently employs 200 people with disabilities. They are active in many areas of work. About 40 women and men are active in the Lettershop/assembly area where letters and daily mailings packed and various assembly jobs are caried out. This is also where the empty paint buckets of for the Gruber company will have the labels attached. By carrying out this important work disabled people gain and very important vocational rehabilitation and can gain meaning to life. In return from labour the workshops help people.

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Complaints pressure Putbus

We are the printer that produces your folders, brochures, maps or posters of high quality, cost effectively and fast. Realization of our full performance only comes with complex tasks. We optimize your needs for business stationery and print communications from digitization to delivery. You can take a step back from the pressure, with our expert advice, advanced pre-media services, and processing we take care of all the necessary logistics. We are jointly developing a custom workflow that meets all your requirements, including the latest techniques in digital or in our DTP department leads to solutions that make your print communication more effective. We have strategic partnerships to expand software development, online communications, large print and digital media distribution, which will provide coordinated, innovative services from a single source.

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Sassnitz GmbH

The ferry port Sassnitz is located on the east side of the island of Ruegen, and is the easternmost deep-water port in Germany. This position allows the shortest sea routes from Germany to Sweden, Denmark / Bornholm, Finland, Russia and the Baltic states. The port is located directly on the open lake meaning uncomplicated control of the shipping, meaning time-consuming journeys are not necessary and there is no compulsory pilotage. Water depths of 10.50 open the port for all classes of ships operating in the Baltic region. Through well-designed tracks the ferry port Sassnitz developed into a special port for combined rail ferry traffic. The ferry port Sassnitz is the only port in Western Europe that has track and terminals for railway carriages of the Russian broad gauge and is therefore also known as "the westernmost station of the Trans-Siberian railway".

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DB Schenker

The whole world of logistics

We are here for you. Every day and every night. Almost everywhere on the globe. We speak your language, no matter where you are. Welcome to DB Schenker, the Transportation and Logistics Division of Deutsche Bahn. We offer our products and services worldwide transport and logistics services from a single source. At a high level and with passionate commitment.

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